Juicy Watercolors with Uma Kelkar

Open Book Minneapolis

Monday July 18 to Wednesday July 20, 2022

Suggested materials:


-140lb cold pressed paper, either loose or in a sketchbook that opens flat. (Hahnemühle Collection is listed under "Paper" below.)

-Da Vinci Casaneo brushes 


-mechanical pencil with 2B lead

-Nichiban tapes work great, small form factor and thus portable.
-hard backing available to work with loose sheets of paper.
-Clips - bulldog clips

Pigments (listed under Watercolor)

Tube pigments preferred over dry cakes. Pick one pigment when 2 pigment choices are noted. The must have’s are marked with **

1. New Gamboge or Hansa Deep **

2. Yellow Ochre or Raw Sienna
3. Burnt Sienna or Transparent red oxide **
4. Ultramarine blue or Indathrone blue. **  Do not recommend pthalo for this particular class
5. Cobalt blue
6. Cerulean blue **
7. Any Green
8. Red - any version except pyrrol. **  Uma uses Quinacridone magenta these days and adds yellow to make it red like.
9. Burnt Umber
10. White
11. Neutral Tint or Payne's grey
12. Buy 5ml tubes if these are new colors. Don't spend a lot of $ on new colors.
13. Practice your colors - when I say any green, bring the green you know and one where you can predict what adding orange does to it, for example. Familiarity with the colors in your palette will help you and me

6 of 6 Items
6 of 6 Items