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Michael Harding Non-Absorbent Acrylic Primer 500ml Black

Reg: $29.12
Wet Paint price: $23.30
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Product Description

From the Michael Harding website:

Please note this is a primer and not a gesso. Gesso is made from rabbit skin glue and chalk.


Pigment: PBk 9

Arguably one’s favorite colour to use or one’s disdain. My Black primer leaves one in awe of how such a simple, powerful colour can look on a surface ready to be painted upon!


Apply 2 coats. The first coat may be applied 25% diluted with water to increase flow and coverage if required. Apply a second coat once the first coat is touch dry (approx.. 1 hour). This product may be applied to linen, wood, MDF and other supports to produce a strong, flexible, permanent, highly pigmented white ground. Suitable for as a ground for both acrylic and oil paint.

May even be applied over inexpensive standard primed canvases to render them non-absorbent!

Do not apply over rabbit skin/hide glue or to unsound supports such as cardboard and flimsy supports!

Technical Data:

  • If areas of the finished work are left revealing primer or unpainted areas, the artist can be assured the primer is lightfast in its own respect and the exposed primer will not fade over time.
  • The formulation of my NAAP products act as a buffer to keep the oil paint and the support separate from one another while at the same time providing excellent adhesion.
  • Ground marble dust is used to improve the adhesion.

All NAAP products dry and behave with the same qualities of our existing white:

  • Dry in a timely manner. Allow at least an hour between coats.
  • Superior adhesion.
  • Designed to preserve the luscious surface of a properly prepared canvas for oil paints.

Mixing Points:

  • All the above shades are intermixable.
  • All can also have acrylic paint applied if needed.

About NAAP:

When I launched my first Non-Absorbent Acrylic Primer (NAAP) four years ago never did I expect such a resounding success for my white primer. Artists who were tired of drab, dull surfaces, that come from using so called “acrylic gessoes”, responded extremely positively to my product. The Michael Harding difference with my Non-Absorbent Acrylic Primer is that my product allows artists to quickly prime a canvas or other supports while leaving an inviting paint surface that is luscious and moist in appearance.

Artists reached out to me from across the globe asking if I had any plans to add additional colours as they remarked how much they liked the NAAP handling qualities and wanted more variety. Initially, I thought, “Okay I can get my arms around making three maybe four colours to add to my NAAP range.” But then close artist friends of mine, who often serve as my “Board of Advisors”, politely advanced even more suggestions of colours for me to consider. I was heartened by their requests! Pleased with the outcome of my original NAAP in White, I immersed myself into the formulation and my quest for filling the needs of artists wanting NAAP in various colours. Today, I now provide NAAP in nine colours. For simplicity I created an “across the board” price equal to the price of my original product in white. 

Although this product is non-absorbing it will provide a strong bond to the layers of paint applied with just enough tooth so as not to be greasy in feel. The result after painting upon my non-absorbent acrylic primer: oil paint colours that look as though you have just brushed them on to your canvas and a long-lasting support that will not decay over the years!