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Compose It Grid Pocket Red 3x4

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Product Description

Pocket size' Approximately 4x5 inch - with a 3:4 proportional grid on red transparent acrylic. It is great in helping compose value by simplifying the values into light, medium and dark. You can also use the small holes on top of the grid to look through to compare the value of colors to each other and to black. Maybe even use one hole to put a string through it and carry around your neck to make it handy when doing location work.

The Compose-It-Grid is easy to use nd applies to any composition problem. Solve your perspective quandaries in a flash with this simple compositional aid. The Compose-it-Grids come in eight proportional sizes. Each grid has listed on it the most common canvas and drawing pad sizes used in that format.

There are several proportional Compose-It-Grid sizes. They should be used with a wet- or dry-erase marker (not included) for drawing and easy cleanup. To begin, select a Compose- It-Grid in the same proportion as your painting or drawing surface. Use the grid as a frame to determine the composition you like best.

Quickly position and sketch your composition using the same proportioned grid as your final surface. Then use the grid to help transfer your sketch to your canvas, drawing pad or other 2 dimensional surface. It is easy to use whether you are doing landscapes on location, a model or still life in your studio or in an art class Compose-It-Grids ensure all your composition fits the way you want and in the correct perspective. They make doing art much easier.

Each 8x10 inch Compose-It-Grid of a single proportion has listed on it the most common canvas and drawing pad sizes used in that format.

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