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Silver Brush Black Velvet Round 0

Reg: $14.15
Wet Paint price: $9.20
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Product Description

Black Velvet watercolor brushes by Silver Brush Limited combine the hair of black squirrel and synthetic bristle. By itself, squirrel is delicate. In this brush, it's been blended with a synthetic to resist wear and maintain a wonderful snap and spring. This soft blend allows the artist to layer multiple glazes without disturbing previous colors, yet the brush is firm enough to lift color with a gentle scrub.

By virtue of the squirrel hair, Black Velvet brushes hold a lot of paint & water, but release it evenly throughout the length of the brush stroke, thus eliminating unintentional pooling when the brush tip is touched to paper. The squirrel hair points up nicely and keeps its shape, returning to a point with each stroke.

Black Velvet brushes enable you to lay even washes or beautiful fields of color. It's great for watercolorists who work wet-on-wet. This unique blend of natural squirrel hair and black synthetic filament is an ideal brush for the watercolorist, silk painter, and artists and cartoonists working with inks, and those working with dyes, acrylics or gouache.

Black Velvet features polished black ferrules, carefully fitted to gloss black handles, each with a distinctive silver neckband. The 3008S square wash brushes of Series have leveled black plastic handles for scraping or burnishing. The 3014S wash brushes have stainless steel ferrules and flat hardwood handles, lacquered gloss black with silver tips. The flat wash brushes are excellent for doing large washes and creating a nice crisp line. Unique sizes that you should check out are the angled striper brush as well as the oval brushes that resemble a pointed filbert.

Watercolorist Andy Evansen is a fan of the Black Velvet. "Because I like to paint plein air," he says, "it's nice to carry just a few brushes, & the Jumbo Round, the size 16 & size 10 are all I need to finish a painting."