Nideggen: This paper is a lovely sand color with irregular wavy laid lines and a slight vellum surface. It does well for varied printmaking techniques and drawing. Made with a cotton and alpha cellulose blend and it is acid free. A regular Wet Paint customer used Nideggen with pencil and gouache.

Zerkall Book: A beautiful paper that offers a variety of uses. It does very well for varied printmaking techniques and drawing techniques. Available in cream and 2 whites: white and soft white, and 2 surfaces: smooth and vellum finish. Made of 10% cotton and 90% alpha cellulose and acid free.

Zerkall Frankfurt: With its unusual wavy laid lines and vellum surface, Frankfurt is popular as a unique writing paper. Great for calligraphy, it is also excellent for most printmaking techniques, takes many types of drawing media, and a favorite by book artists.


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