Mitsu-Bishi Hi-Uni graphite pencils are available at Wet Paint in 2B, 4B, B & HB grades! These are the highest grade and best-selling graphite pencil made by Uni-Ball of Japan. This pencil is notable for its extremely smooth writing and its ability to lay the line that your pressure commands, allowing several transitional gradations from each pencil. Beautiful grays and very nice, rich blacks.

Here's what Wet Paint staffer Meg Nelson has to say about these pencils: "I love the Mitsubishi pencil's smooth, even application. I am able to get consistent coverage at any pressure and seamless gradation from each hardness. I am especially impressed by the harder pencil's even light tones. To top it off, they smell great, feel nice in my hand, are lovely to look at."

You can buy them here by the individual pencil.

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