Saint Armand

Colours: When you touch these handmade sheets, you can feel the passion that goes into making them. They have a great rough texture and quite the heft in weight. St Armand papers are 100% cotton rag fiber, archival and acid free, and a favorite amongst bookbinders. This paper is also used for pastel, drawing, and painting- including watercolor. Available in 13 colors.

Old Masters: If you’re looking for old world charm, this paper is a wonderful choice. They are lighter weight and less textured than the Colour group. Offering a laid finish and a range of 9 different colors, these papers are made with a blend of cotton and linen and are acid free. These handmade papers are great for hand calligraphy, etching, book restoration, letterpress and inkjet printing. True beauties.

Watercolor: St. Armand has a beautiful range of textured white sheets in unique shapes - squares, ovals, and circles, and also a great range of rectangular sizes. We have worked with some of their smaller rectangles for watercolor studies and just fell in love. The sheets are 100% cotton, archival and acid free and internally sized. They also offer another watercolor paper called Dominion which is not only internally sized but has the addition of surface sizing to make the paper surface harder. Made with 75% cotton and 25% linen fiber and are acid free.

Other Decorative Sheets: Tactile paper with added beauty. A great choice for book arts applications, St. Armand makes many choices – one unusual sheet is the one called Ragtime that has actual fabric pieces in it.


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