Other Decorative Papers

Chiyogami: The moment we saw these sheets, we fell in love! They are Japanese silkscreened papers in a striking range of patterns. The pigmented colored designs are printed on mixed kozo and sulphite sheets. It has been said that Japanese designers today are tireless in their development of new fascinating patterns - you truly need to see these in person to understand the amazing range of options! Many wonderful uses too, such as collage, box making, card making, lamp shades, origami, covering book board, and even just hanging as art.

Katazome: Also made in Japan, these too are truly amazing sheets! The translation of “Katazome-shi” literally means stencil-dyed papers. Based on the traditional Kimono printing techniques, these elegant bold patterned papers were developed in Kyoto during the 20th century. Using persimmon-dyed kozo paper, the stencils are aided by “kojiri” paste (soybean juice) so the ink pigments absorb deeply into the paper. Great for book covers, boxes, cards and lampshades.

Japanese Lace Papers: Free-flowing and ethereal – that’s one way to describe working with Japanese laces. In collage work, you can layer these endlessly and also use them as a stencil. Some of Wet Paint’s staff favorites are Ogura Lace, Asanoha Lace, Amime Lace, and Uzumaki Lace. There is a wide selection of colors to work with as well.

Thai Unryu: In Japan, the name “unryu” means “cloud dragon paper” and the strands of kozo fibers that float through each sheet definitely give a cloud impression. The Thai Unryu Tissues are made of kozo mulberry, the strands of kozo create contrast and texture on each sheet. Great to layer in collage work, this is another paper you will enjoy working with. If you want a heavier sheet, try the Thai Reversible Unryu, which is two different colored sheets laminated together to create a crisp, lightly wrinkled and crinkled sheet. Both the Tissue and the Reversible papers have endless applications; you can use them for card making, book making, lampshades, or covering boxes, just to name a few. And these papers are great fun to experiment with!

Silkscreened Lokta: Like the Solids, the Silkscreened Loktas are just as amazing. The images can be subtle, like the Lama Li Cloud design (which is tone on tone), to bold and bright like the Mandchou designs which are bright colored backgrounds with metallic gold patterns on top. All the pattern choices are acid free and gorgeous!


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