Pescia: A smooth surfaced paper, that is 100% cotton, archival and acid free, and available in white, cream, grey, and light blue. The light blue is a staff favorite! Great for many printmaking techniques, it also is wonderful for drawing. Nice results with both graphite and colored pencils.

Revere: Available in 3 surfaces: felt (textured), suede (medium texture), and silk (smooth) and in 6 colors: 3 different whites, ivory, bisque, and black. Sheets are 100% cotton, archival and acid free and in 2 different sizes. Considered a fine printmaking and drawing paper, it does well with all kinds of printmaking - block printing, screen printing, intaglio, dry point, mezzotint, engraving, and relief. Many artists have tested the light sizing and absorbency of Revere and have found it works well with watercolors and gouache as well.


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