Bugra: One of Wet Paint’s favorite papers for artists needing oversized drawing paper. It performs quite well with pastel, charcoal, and pencil. It has a laid finish and is acid free. It is often requested by book-binders and letterpress printers.

Copperplate: A sturdy, 25% cotton, acid free paper. Available in both warm white and white, it is a preferred choice by many college printmaking instructors. Also great for charcoal drawing.

Frankfurt: A lovely paper with wavy laid lines and a slightly smooth surface. A beautiful paper for hand calligraphy, the ink glides on the surface. Made with a cotton/sulphite mix, it is acid free and available in white and cream.

German Etching: Another sturdy paper, 75% cotton content and acid free, slightly textured, and available in white only. We also have a customer who likes for silkscreen.

Ingres: Also known as German Ingres. The sister paper to Bugra, it is available in 15 colors; it is lighter weight and smaller in size with a laid finish and is acid free. A very nice paper to use with pastel, charcoal, pencil, letterpress printing and marbling. One artist loves it for marbling. A true classic!


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