Arches Cover: Made of 100% cotton. Traditionally a printmaking paper with a slightly pebbly textured surface that’s also great for charcoal, we have found it allows for blending and creating deep rich black strokes. It also works well for hand-printing processes. Love the neutrality of white? It is also available in buff and black.

Arches Text Wove: A 100% cotton, very versatile paper with a slightly textured surface. A favorite choice of The Colleagues of Calligraphy. Calligraphers love it for pen and ink, but other customers love it for marbling; the colors really pop on this sheet. Available in white only.

Arches Watercolor: 100% cotton; 3 weights: 90lb, 140lb, and 300lb; cold press, hot press, and rough press surfaces. This is probably the paper we sell the most of at Wet Paint. The 140lb cold press is the most widely recognized and popular choice. It is a sheet that can really take a lot of scrubbing and lifting; a great workhorse paper. There are 2 whites to choose from: Natural and Bright.

Johannot: This paper is a blend of 75% cotton and 25% African Fiber Esparto. It is a favorite of one of our letterpress printer clients - they love the texture and absorbency that the Esparto Fiber provides. Available in white only.

Platine: A hard, smooth surface, 100% cotton paper for platinum printing and hand coated photo processes. There are very few papers available for this process and Platine was the first. Available in white only.

Rives BFK: Like the Arches Cover, its 100% cotton but with a slightly different texture. Very popular with printers for hand and offset lithography as well as letterpress. Artists also love it for drawing with charcoal, pastel and pencil. Available in white, cream, grey, off white, and tan.


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