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Pebeo Gédéo Resin Bio Pro 6 Liter

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Product Description

50% biosourced resin that is safer and more environmentally friendly. Transparent, gloss, bubble-free and easy to work with thanks to its two-component (resin A and hardener B) epoxy resin system. With its large format and liquid texture, the resin is ideal for glazing or pouring on large surfaces such as canvases, etc. It can also be used as a protective varnish. Once dry, it is hard. Professional results. For experienced, amateur and professional adult users

Biosourced Crystal Resin

Applications :

Multi-supports: Metal, painted wood, canvas, silicone, plastic...

Once cured, the resin will not withstand prolonged contact at temperatures above 50°C or below 0°C.

Instructions :

  1. In a dry and clean container, first pour 1 part of Cristal B hardener and then 2 parts of Cristal A resin.
  2. Mix the two components well until they reach the corners of the container (incomplete mixing does not guarantee hardening, mixing too vigorously will cause bubbles to appear). Transfer the mixture to a second container and mix again to ensure homogeneity of the resin and optimal mixing. Mixing operations can take up to 5 minutes depending on the quantity prepared.
  3. Allow the mixture to sit in the container for 5 minutes to remove any bubbles.
  4. Pour into or onto the surface of your choice. Do not keep the mixture in the mixing container longer than 45 minutes after mixing.
  5. Let dry 24 hours in a dust-free environment. Setting is gradual and variable depending on the ambient temperature.

Gedeo tips:

In case of molding:

  • To know the quantity of each component and not waste the product, fill the mold to be used with water and pour into a measuring container. Note the volume obtained.

One third of the volume should be for the hardener and two thirds for the resin. Dry the mold and the measuring container well before pouring in the resin.

  • The mixture is homogeneous when it becomes transparent.
  • The resin takes on the surface appearance of the substrate into which it is poured. A matte mold will give a matte finish, a glossy mold a glossy finish.
  • To give a glossy look to a matte finish, use a thin layer of Gédéo GLOSS+ varnish or Gédéo Bisosourced Crystal Resin.
  • To shape your creation, you can unmold after 12 hours of drying and, for example, place your molding around a bottle to give it a curved shape. The complete hardening occurs after 24 hours.

We advise you to protect your work with the application of a coat of Bindex gloss 24 hours before casting the Biosourced Crystal Resin.

Precautions :

  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes, wear gloves.
  • Do not mix the components of Bio Crystal Resin with other components of the Gedeo resin range.
  • Gédéo resins are not intended to be put in contact with food.
  • Make sure that the surface is clean and not greasy before pouring (if necessary, degrease with a cloth soaked in alcohol)
  • Resin creations, even once dry, do not support contact with water.