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Escoda Tajmyr Kolinsky Round 2

Reg: $32.56
Wet Paint price: $19.54
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Product Description

One of our favorite Escoda brushes is their Kolinsky Tajmyr sable series 1212. The balanced handle and cured hair at a fraction of some of the better-known sables make it a bargain. Test one out and compare it to our other Kolinsky brushes, then compare the sale price with other brushes available.

Escoda of Spain began making brushes one at a time by hand in 1933. Their fine art brushes are still made that way today.

Several features make Escoda one of the highest quality brushes available. The ferrules are brass, a strong metal best for holding the brush head in place. Escoda triple crimps the ferrules making them tighter than most other brushes even in Minnesota's climate of fluctuating humidity. The handles are each properly sized to the brush head, giving them great balance and a comfortable fit in any hand. Lastly, the final process of making the brush is curing the brush head. This curing process gives the hair a memory and increases the spring and resilience, making a brush that is more responsive with sharp points and crisp edges.

In an age of huge corporations making a vast-- and often disparate-- range of products, Escoda finds itself in a unique position. They only make brushes and they do it very well. It is still a family run operation that donates all brushes that don't pass their own strict quality controls to different charitable organizations, sending them to places like Guatemala, Bolivia, Ecuador and Senegal.

Wet Paint is proud to offer a great selection of Escoda brushes for every media.