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Draw 1,001 Animals

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Product Description

Love animals? This book has 1001 cool creatures to draw for hours of fun

With 1001 animals to choose from, budding artists can draw creatures that live all around the world and in the ocean, jungle, desert, savannah, or tundra. Select from a striped zebra, kingly lion, spotted hyena, snow-white polar bear, adorable penguin, brilliantly hued toucans and parrots, a blue whale, and of course much-loved pets and farm animals--dogs, cats, bunnies, chickens, goats, and horses. Use them for inspiration in any project.

In Draw 1,001 Animals, award-winning artist Mark Bergin shows how simple shapes can be transformed into a vast variety of animals. There are pages looking at materials and techniques, and step-by-step projects that train the eye to deconstruct the simple shapes that go into constructing a detailed drawing, helping you to visualise your drawings of animals. Great for absolute beginners or any artist wanting to renew and improve their drawing skills. It features animals from a wide variety of ecosystems, including rainforests, savanna, Arctic tundra and pets.

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