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Anderillium Fountain Pen Ink Bottle 1.5oz Common Loon Black

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Product Description

The Common Loon is an icon of Canada, featuring prominently on the face of Canada’s dollar coin. The “Loonie” coins depict a graceful, black swimming bird checked with white feathers and vibrant red eyes. Perhaps the reason the Loon is so familiar to our friends in the north is because Loons migrate north in the summer to find breeding grounds, and during the breeding season they become very conspicuous for their unique mating call. Everyone who has spent a night under the stars on the shore of a lake in the north during summer knows exactly how that ghostly, piercing call of the Loon goes. Adult Loons of mating age sport jet black feathers intermixed with white feathers to mimic the dappling light patterns under the gentle waves of northern lakes. A loon doesn’t use it’s looks to attract a mate, a loon’s plumage is strictly camouflage to be a more effective hunter. The loon’s blood red eyes can find fish in the dark depths where its black color conceals the hungry predator from the prey. To us the loon may look regal, dignified and harmless, but to anything under the surface the common loon is a deadly and efficient hunter. Loons are also great fliers, being able to migrate over a thousand miles to Mexico, the Caribbean or Florida each season and even maintain speeds of 40 mph for long stretches. It seems that the only thing that loons struggle with is walking on land. Their legs, positioned very far to the rear of their body, provide fantastic propulsion through the water but are behind their center of gravity on land so they can barely manage an awkward stumbling gate. Climate change, invasive species, habitat loss and overfishing have all been threats to the loon population. Loons rely on stable ecosystems with high biodiversity to thrive, if we want our children and grandchildren to hear their spooky calls fill the night air above the lakes of the great north, then we must take action now to preserve our natural world.

About Anderillium Ink:

"A lot of us fountain pen users have multiple pens and multiple ink colors. It’s a drab world where words are only written in black ink. When I was a teacher, I had a special pen with a special color just for grading papers! My students couldn’t mistake my marks for any other teachers because of the bright color, and the little ritual of taking out my special grading pen always primed my mindset to reading student papers. Whether you have a special pen for writing letters to your sweetheart, jotting notes in class, or keeping your bullet journal, a special color to go along with it makes your routine a bit more fun and a bit more you.

We try to minimize plastic in our products and our packaging. There’s too much of it floating around in the oceans already. In an effort to reduce waste, we’ve incorporated a procedure to re-use packing material from our own suppliers. If you get a box from us that has plastic or styrofoam packaging materials in it, that material was in a box that was shipped to us at some point and we thought it was better to re-use it than to throw it away.

Our inks are made without any animal products at all, including our label and box adhesives. Our inks are water based and are made only with chemicals that are safe for the environment. We know these things don’t matter to everyone, and the impact of writing with a non-disposable pen is a relatively small one, but it’s a step in the right direction and we feel good about that."

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