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Anderillium Fountain Pen Ink Bottle 1.5oz Cuttlefish Brown

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Product Description

Cuttlefish aren’t very cuddly, and they aren’t fish, but they are amazing creatures. Cuttlefish can change the color and texture of their skin to camouflage themselves with their surroundings, dazzle their prey, and signal to other cuttlefish. Some species have a visual vocabulary of several dozen signals consisting of different color patterns. Cuttlefish also make their own ink, to cloud the waters and mask their escape from predators. Cuttlefish ink has been used in the past as writing ink, a stain for photographs (sepia-tone is named after the cuttlefish genus sepia) and even as an additive to pasta for extra flavor. If you want a modern sepia brown ink that doesn’t make your homework smell like a mollusk, then get a bottle of Cuttlefish Brown from Anderillium inks.

About Anderillium:

"We hand make all of our inks in our laboratory in Tampa Florida. Our colors are all custom formulated by our resident chemist. We don’t use any plastics or animal products in our inks or our packaging. Everyone at Anderillium is passionate about protecting our oceans and our wildlife, and we choose to use the most sustainable and environmentally friendly materials whenever possible, even if it costs us a bit more.

A big thanks to our friend Kevin Reinert who created the artwork for the Cephalopod Series of inks. If you want to see more of his work, or you’re in Maui and want a tattoo, look him up at TrueTattoos1923 on Instagram or email him at TrueTattoos@gmail.com."


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